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About Your Insight

Q: What is the background of the app Your Insight?

A: With the rapid technology changes, the world has become smaller, our choices as human beings have increased tremendously and many people feel that the speed of life is ever increasing. The opportunity to shape your own life, but also the pressure and desire to be happy and live the perfect life, has never been greater. An increasing number of people are not feeling well in today's society, especially young people. This is a development that Cristina Tscherning has been able to observe closely as a trained psychosynthesis therapist, coach and founder of Mamita, a center for yoga and well-being.  As a counterweight to all the external focus, Your Insight  is now being launched for the inner guidance, reflection and personal development.

"We have the answers within ourselves, and personally. I believe in the person's ability to define what kind of life is best for oneself - both privately and professionally. "

Cristina Tscherning states


Q: What is Your Insight?

A: Your Insight is an app for self-guidance with the aim of feeling better. It is a new digital way to increase well-being based on self help and proven psychosynthesis process, a process that Cristina Tscherning has used in her therapy session for many years. Your Insight can be seen as health exercise for better emotional health and wellbeing and guides the users to their own answers through pictures and words. Your Insight is available in three languages, Swedish, English and Spanish and available on AppStore and Google play.  

Please note  that the app does not replace coaching or therapy but should be seen as a valuable complement to these.

Q: When will Your Insight launch?

A: The first launch takes place in Sweden in october 2018 and later this fall in Colombia.


Q: What is the purpose and goal of Your Insight?

A: Your Insight has been developed with the ultimate goal of contributing to better emotional health and well-being. This can occur when you are able to get in contact with your own feelings,  gain personal insight and thereby consciously making choices for your life and by this feel better.

"We want to help as many people as possible to understand themselves, to find their inner balance and to take care of their emotional and mental health. Your insight should be seen as a contribution to people understanding themselves to a greater extent, making conscious choices and by that perhaps feeling a bigger satisfaction in live. Your Insight fits especially well as a new form of health exercise for young adults (18-30) who are diligent user of the mobile phone and used to using images to communicate and express themselves, "says Cristina Tscherning.


Q: For whom has Your Insight been developed?

A: Your Insight has been developed for all ages, but we believe that young adults are the ones who will initially find it interesting and beneficial since they are used to expressing themselves in pictures (in social media) and seeking help digitally.


Q: Who are the founders of Your Insight?

A: The Founders of Your Insight are Cristina Tscherning, who is a trained psychosynthesis therapist, coach and founder of Mamita, a center for yoga and well-being, Nina Engstrand, who has extensive experience from the IT industry as well as education and Christopher Berghagen Taylor, who has a solid technical background and from app development.


Q: How does Your Insight work?

A: Your Insight guides the user through a number of questions related to a selected area or situation, such as relationship, work, health or future according to a proven psychosynthesis process. The user answers the questions by putting pictures and words to their feelings.

The questions guide the users to their insights about their situation, needs, desires and obstacles, and by that the users get in better contact with themselves and their feelings. This can guide the user to see things more clearly based on their own preferences and carefully consider the next step in the specific situation. By actively listening to one's own feelings, the user can make informed decisions about the next step for increased well-being.


Q: What is the customer benefit of Your Insight?

A: The benefits are several:
Provides guidance for reflection
Guides to the next step through insights about needs, desires and obstacles
- Available 24/7 and anywhere
- App is free of charge
Available in three different levels: 4, 6 or 8 questions


Q: What is needed to take advantage of Your Insight:

A: An Android or iOS device is required to download and use the app. For maximum benefit, however, we believe that the user needs to enjoy expressing oneself with the help of pictures and to be interested in self-reflection and personal development.


Q: What do others say about the app?

A: Hanna Linder, Yoga teacher (www.hannalinder.se; Instagram: Hook Liner, FB: Hax Hanna Linder), 24 Years:

“It's great. It helps me to stop, to pause. It gives me an opportunity to reflect”

A: Richard Tscherning, project manager, 26 years:

“When I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for work, I used Your Insight and it helped me take all the pictures and words and really get a picture of what I wanted to do. It made me make the decision to take an unpaid internship at a production company”

A: Adam Holm, out-influencer - on a mission to connect people with nature, 24 years:

(www.adamholm.se; Insta: adamholmswe, FB: Adam Holm )

“In the pace that I am living my life right now, it is a quite high pace with a lot of things happening all the time. Your Insight has been crucial for me because it helps me to stop and just reflect on my truth, my core and what is important to me.  And that is key because otherwise I get lost in everybody else's opinion. So choosing these pictures, helps me to really just tune in what's true for me”

Q: When /in what situations should one use Your Insight?

A: There is no one and only answer to that question. From our test group, however, we see that most people used the app to get clarity and to take the next step for example when they feel some concerns, uneasiness, insecurity, emptiness, frustration or anger around a particular situation and do not really know how to move out of it. Some use the app to simply pause, reflect and being their own best friend by listening to their own feelings and thoughts.


Q: Do you really think an app can solve mental health issues?

A: Mental health is a very big and wide concept, and the app does NOT apply to solve it, nor is it targeted for people suffering from mental diagnoses such as depression, suicidal thoughts, psychoses, etc. There are many ways to deal with mental health issues and in the above-mentioned cases, Your Insight is not an option. Your Insight should instead be seen as a contribution and complement to today's existing methods such as coaching, meditation, yoga which all represent new ways to get in touch with ones feelings and thus feel better. Your Insight is a digitized version of proven analog psychosynthesis process that Cristina Tscherning has used in coaching session for many years.

Q: Is not it dangerous to let young people believe an app is the solution?

A: Our goal is not that the target audience should believe an app is the solution. Your Insight can be seen as one of several ways to get in touch with your own feelings, needs, and pave the way for your own answers. Depending on the situation, you should choose the methods you are most accustomed to. We believe that Your Insight may be a good complement to other methods and ways to gain deeper insight into and understanding of your own situation and possible ways forward.


Q: Can an app that does not provide any concrete answers really help?

A: Our ambition is that the user should be guided to their own answers and our belief is that our own answers are most often the best way to start  addressing the choices and challenges we face and what we need to do.

Q: How long did the development of the app take?

A: The tool as such originates in the Psychosynthesis process, which is a reputable branch of psychology. The tool was first developed in a physical form about seven years ago and has since then been used in coaching sessions. About two years ago, we got the idea of ​​developing an app and have been running the Your Insight project since autumn 2016.


Q: Who has made the technical development of the app and what technology does it build on?

A: The company Kattan Kattan in Colombia provided the technical expertise for Your Insight with their designer, project manager and developer. The app is built in Inonic, the database is a Mysql server and the app is developed in Angular.


Q: What have the different roles of the founders been?

A: The founders have contributed with their different experiences and backgrounds to the development of Your Insight. Although everyone had their special areas, Cristina as coach, Nina as project manager and Christopher with his technical background, the product reflects a close overall collaboration within the group.